What to do When You’re Stressed, Stuck or Stagnant

We’ve All Been There Before.

I think we’ve all been at that point in our lives when we feel stuck, stagnant or out of answers.

Maybe your job is a constant source of stress, so you dread your 40+ hours a week, feel drained when you get home and can’t see a way out.

Or, your relationships are a disaster, and no matter how hard you try to communicate better or double down on your efforts to show your love, things still feel toxic, empty or shallow.

Or maybe your finances are an area of frustration. You never quite have enough, or if you do have enough, you’re not leveraging what you have to actually get what you want.

Or perhaps you’re raising a family by yourself, wearing all the hats (mom, provider, educator, friend, leader) and you feel like you’re spread so thin, there’s nothing left over for anything else, let alone yourself.

Or maybe things aren’t that bad, but you’re struggling to clarify your next steps, to put a name to your dreams and goals, and you just feel like your momentum is at zero.

We’ve all been there, and these challenges can feel overwhelming or insurmountable.

We’ve All Read These Things Before

There are many wonderful resources that specifically speak to each one of these issues mentioned above.

These books, seminars and workshops have helped thousands of people gain clarity around the concrete steps they need to take to gain financial freedom, live a less stressful life or find more fulfilling relationships.

Each of these resources (which, again, I would never discourage anyone from using or pursuing) are very good at helping you to fix one single outside problem. That’s their job, and I’m grateful for them.

But I want more. (And maybe you do, too.)

Good In, Good Out?

I believe when it comes to solving puzzles and problems we need to look inside – for it is from there that powerful change can happen that then shows up in my external world.

My internal life—what some might call their spiritual life or their emotional life—is where the real work happens. My external life is where I see the results of my internal journey.

So, if I have the right tools to guide my internal life, it stands to reason that my external life can, and will, follow.

Internal work requires that I dig a little deeper.

It requires mindset and emotional shifts that take daily practice and rehearsal.

I often find that these shifts can be scary in their newness, or so refreshing that I find I can’t believe I didn’t think this way before.

But often when I shift, mentally rehearse that shift, then apply it in my external life, I see amazing results.

Maybe it’s approaching each day with more .

Maybe it’s connecting on a deeper level with my loved .

Or maybe it’s moving halfway across the world to pursue my .

Inside first, outside second.

What It Isn’t (and What It Is)

Internal work is NOT about positive thinking. It is about aligning your thoughts and feelings in a powerful way. false positivity

It’s NOT about smiling your way through situations that require your tears.

It’s NOT about completing a specific “to-do” list so you can be an expert on your life.

It’s about realizing a few simple things:

I’m already an expert on my life.

I already have all the answers.  

I already possess the potential I need to not just solve this current challenge, but to live my best life and handle whatever challenges come my way.

Then saying:

All I really need is to ask the right questions, rehearse the right thoughts and feelings and build the right internal patterns to influence my external outcomes.

My Hardest (and Best) Work

Knowing that I have all the answers (and I just need to ask the right questions) is the first mindset shift.

It’s often the toughest one, because sometimes it requires that I take a hard look at myself.

Sometimes I have to get radically clear on my intentions.

Or sometimes I need to understand that the way I’ve been speaking to myself is unloving and change this internal dialogue.

And sometimes I have to remove my own self-imposed limitations to see my own value, worth and potential.

It requires honesty and consistent effort, but there is freedom here.

There is peace in the midst of chaos.

There is confidence in knowing that I might not have all the right steps just yet for this current challenge, but I can find them if I have the right tools and the courage to use them.

It’s my toughest work, but it’s the most important and rewarding work I can do.


I want to help you find this same freedom, peace and confidence. That’s why I’ve partnered with my dear friend Tiffani Churchill, an expert in bridging internal work and external results, to bring you a course to do just that. Learn more about The Path to Everything.


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