Whale & Work

Today has been an incredibly beautiful and productive Sunday.

Right now we’re here in San Clemente, California, and compared to how we perceive the seasons in Germany, today was a hot summer day! The sky was so blue, the ocean so quiet, the sun so strong, just beautiful!

We’ve spent our morning with our lattes from Tiger Roast Coffee on the beach in Carlsbad, brainstorming and making lists for MindGourmet, when we suddenly spotted a whale! So close to the shore that we could easily see it in all is majesty. It seemed to be hanging out there, right in front of our eyes. Ralf took a lot of pictures – it’s hard to photograph a whale! Above, you see his best shot.

We’re now proud owners of the new apogee mic+ that I will use for my interviews and Happitizers. Experimenting a little with its sound tonight was quite promising!

When we get still and take in all the beauty that surrounds us, like this late afternoon when we watched the sunset here in San Clemente on T-Street beach, we feel so immensely grateful. Grateful for being here. Grateful for each other. Grateful to be alive right here right now. Grateful for you.

I’m sending much love your way!

Be inspired!


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