Danielle LaPorte – UNDATED WEEKLY Desire Map Planner + Program (purple w/type)


  • Undated
  • Hardcover
  • Gold coil bound (REACH Certified)
  • Elastic closure band
  • Indented tabs
  • Handy inside back pocket
  • Perforated corners
  • 100g woodfree FSC-certified stock (uncoated)
  • Page Count: 248
  • Dimensions: height – 8.5″, width – 6.75″
  • ISBN: 978-1-7338588-5-4

Clear your mind. Feel into your heart. Design your future.

Work with The Desire Map Planner to clarify how you want to show up to life—everyday.

More than scheduling and to-do lists—this is a mindful tool for prioritizing your personal wellness and your service in the world. Pleasure, creativity, practicalities.

The UNDATED Edition lets you start any time of year—or jump back if you drift off for a month or two. The week is laid out on a two-page spread, so you can plan with a bird’s eye view.

Here’s how it works…

Make Mindful (Heart-ful) Plans
The Planner is designed for conscious living. Weekly prompts encourage you to align your thoughts and actions with your Core Desired Feelings—the key part of a heart-centered life. Every day has space to identify your Top 3 Important Tasks. We’ve included prompts to get you thinking about your physical and spiritual wellness. There’s room for all of you on the agenda.

Regular Reflection for On-going Clarity
Pause. Saturday and Sunday you’ll reflect on the past week and envision the week ahead. “What’s Not Working” and “Stop Doing” prompts help make space in your life. When the new month begins, you’ll do an exercise to deepen into your Core Desired Feelings and your intentions.

Gratitude is the basis of abundance. Every week you’ll note what you’re thankful for and take it one step further and answer why you’re grateful for it. It’s a small but powerful practice.

Words of Power
Start every month with a mantra, affirmation, or prayer to connect with Source energy.

Planner Guidance: Deeper than to-do’s.
The Planner Guidance series is a set of micro spiritual practices. For self-trust, self-compassion, and self-agency. For the few weeks after you purchase your planner, I’m sending you some substance and support for: creating your own “Nourishing Thoughts” (it’s a feature in the planner), a quick visualization for receiving heart guidance, a POV on inclusive manifesting, and a ritual for self-trust.

The Planner Guidance series includes: 

  • Nourishing Thoughts
  • The Heart Centering Practice
  • A Heart Centered Manifesting Practice
  • Daily Ritual Tracker
  • The ‘What I Trust” List
  • Name Chant Ritual
  • Self Drishti Ritual
  • Bath Ritual

Core Desired Feelings Cover
This Planner line features some Core Desired Feelings: Love, Radiance, Connection, Nourishing, Joy. Gold type on classic D’ Map purple.

We ♥ Mother Earth
Made using resources and methodologies that are gentle on the ecosystem.