Danielle LaPorte – 2021 Weekly Printable Desire Map Planner


The PRINT-AT-HOME edition is lite and easy! The Weekly Digital Planner is the perfect fit if you tend towards big-picture thinking and want to see all your plans at a glance.

Love is in the details:

  • Printing Your Desire Map Planner: Easy to print in full colour or grayscale, and formattable for A4/US Letter dimensions. Print single or double-sided. (We recommend printing double-sided, for eco-saving!) There’s a lot of margin space so you can hole punch and/or bind.
  • Daily Desire Mapping: Designed for intentional living, the daily pages prompt you to align your thoughts + actions with your Core Desired Feelings.
  • Your week at a glance: Each week is laid out on a two-page spread—plan with a bird’s eye view.
  • NEW! Open flexi space: At the end of each week you get a full blank page to freestyle your song lyrics, brain storms, and love notes…
  • Spacious layout: Ample room for the day’s schedule, your Top 3 Important Tasks, and prompts for physical and spiritual wellness. There’s room for all of you on the agenda.
  • Gratitude journaling: Note what you’re thankful for—and take it one step further and answer why you’re grateful for it. It’s a small but powerful practice.
  • Not working/stop doing: When’s the last time a planner prompted you to take something OFF your to do list? Healthy and SO necessary.
  • Words of power: Every month features a mantra, affirmation, or prayer.
  • Daily #Truthbombs: Discreet wisdom prompts on every single page.
  • 2021 Astrology guide: Easy-to-grasp key astro markers. NEW in 2021: Moon cues—potent times for releasing old energy.
  • NEW! Feast days + birthdays of note: We honour teachers and leaders from various faiths.

Planner Guidance: Deeper than to-do’s.
The Planner Guidance series is a set of micro spiritual practices. For self-trust, self-compassion, and self-agency. For the few weeks after you purchase your planner, I’m sending you some substance and support for: creating your own “Nourishing Thoughts” (it’s a feature in the planner), a quick visualization for receiving heart guidance, a POV on inclusive manifesting, and a ritual for self-trust.

The Planner Guidance series includes: 

  • Nourishing Thoughts
  • The Heart Centering Practice
  • A Heart Centered Manifesting Practice
  • Daily Ritual Tracker
  • The ‘What I Trust” List
  • Name Chant Ritual
  • Self Drishti Ritual
  • Bath Ritual

25% off in the Danielle Shop
Inside your planner is a gift code for 25% off in Danielle’s shop—all books/ebooks, devotions, meditations, and audios. (Facilitator Program not included.)

One tree planted!
For every planner you purchase, Danielle plant a tree with TreeSisters. Love and oxygen!

Product specs:

  • Calendar year 2021
  • Page count: 382
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”
  • Paper size options: US letter (default), A4