The Power of Listening

In listening, there lies giving and receiving.


When I listen, I give my presence, my undivided attention, with as little filtering or judging as possible. I hold the space for you to experience and express your thoughts, emotions, dreams, visions and fears. I love and appreciate you for your trust in me, and for sharing what matters in your world. And when I feel it’s appropriate I ask you questions to understand even better.

Often, people listen to respond. To me, listening is about my openness and willingness to understand, even though my own truth might not resonate with what you say.

For sure, listening is not a handy tool for me to get my own message across. No unsolicited advice, no making my own point, and no telling my own stories when it’s your time to unfold what you have inside. Not that I don’t like to share, don’t get me wrong! I’ll share when it’s my time to do so or when you ask me for my thoughts.

By listening, I also receive. I receive the honor to be part of your world. I also get an insight into my own belief system. What resonates with me? What doesn’t? Where do I feel resistance? Why? My reaction is about me, not you. If I stay aware of what’s going on inside me when I listen, I always learn something about myself.

To me, listening is very meaningful. It’s a very active yet receptive state of being. It’s full-body participation in a conversation.

Yes, I love listening.

And I love to inspire.

That’s why I created my new service NINALISTENS.

Would you love to share what’s on your mind and in your heart with someone who truly listens?

Find out more about NINALISTENS here.

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