The Power of Eight

Last Saturday I drove up to L.A. to experience one day of the Conscious Life Expo, and I attended Lynne McTaggart’s workshop “The Power of Eight Group Intention and the Power to Heal.” I had loved reading her book and listening to her audiobook “The Power of Eight,”and now very much enjoyed her lecture in which she took her audience on a fascinating journey describing her work and the striking scientific findings with her intention experiments.

What struck me the most was that she said there is clear evidence that the act of giving (intending for another person’s wellbeing, focusing on peace in conflict-ridden zones, etc.) affects the givers, not only the receivers, positively in many ways. Getting out of our own way and focusing of giving actually lets us receive, too, and allows us to experience changes in our lives regarding health, happiness, success, abundance, more inner peace, just to name a few.

At the end of her talk, Lynne led us through her Power of Eight practice. We got together in groups of about eight people and decided for one person in each group who was going to receive. The intention was phrased clearly, so we all knew the direction of our focus. We then held each other by the hands and, after a short introduction by Lynne, concentrated on our intention for our group’s receiver for ten minutes.

I was one of the givers. Together, we focused on seeing and feeling our receiver’s back healthy and pain-free. The energy felt palpable and beautiful; it’s hard to actually describe. Our “target” was very touched by the experience and had felt a lot of energy moving during the ten minutes that had been dedicated to him. I’ll never know if his back eventually got better, but I do see the potential in getting together – in 3D or virtually – for mutual support by holding intentions for each other.

If you’re interested in finding a Power of Eight group to try it for yourself, here’s your place:

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