The Power of True Connection

I don’t feel drawn to put myself in boxes but sometimes they help to describe how I perceive myself – as a very introverted introvert. I’m not shy though, I just love deep 1-2-1 conversations instead of parties and need quite a bit of time with myself alone to manage my energy levels.

The last weeks and months have shown me more than ever how much I thrive when I feel connected.


Here are my thoughts about true connection – with myself, the universe, and others 

True connection takes place in the present moment. Without distraction. In the now. It’s kind of timeless, at least I lose my sense of time when I’m fully engaged in a conversation.

True connection means being connected with myself. It involves being kind to myself, respecting myself, accepting myself, knowing my needs – not always easy. It means paying attention to the thoughts I’m thinking and choosing which ones I’d like to remain in my inner household. It also means being strict with myself and not giving in to disempowering beliefs and habits.

True connection means being me, as fully as I can. Owning all my personality traits. Opening up to be seen. Not always easy as well as there’s this part in me that doesn’t want to get hurt.

True connection means investing time and energy into my most treasured relationships (including the one with myself and Spirit) and to give them a priority. To be there, fully, and to listen, share, and receive whole-heartedly.

True connection means to listen to my intuition, to take care of my energy state, to allow myself to be guided by my inner GPS, to see the serendipities, and to surrender to a greater, loving intelligence, again and again.

True connection happens in my interviews. I am so inspired by my interview guests and I learn so much from them! See below and enjoy! There are more inspiring conversations to come in the last weeks of 2018!


True connection is also what I feel when I write to you, my MindGourmet tribe.  

Thank you for being part of my life! I very much appreciate you and would love to know you better!


What inspires you?

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Much love,