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Does the simple idea of Thanksgiving stress you out?

Do you struggle to get everything ready and prepared?

Are you dreading all those uncomfortable conversations?

Holidays like Thanksgiving, for many of us, belong to that unique paradox of being both the most stressful and anticipated times of the year. Just the thought of playing host or being dutiful guest can make us anxious and tense, days and weeks before the actual holiday.

All too often we have very high expectations towards ourselves in our role as host, guest, and conversation partner and we tend to think others are holding these expectations for us, too.

When replaying memories of stressful moments related to Thanksgiving (or other big holidays like Christmas) in our head, we often dread the potential unpleasant conversations, comments, and judgments that might take place – and try to prepare by worrying about them.

We can automatically and unwillingly fall back into our childhood behaviors during family festivities, especially when the celebration takes place in the home we grew up.


The grandest gift you can give to yourself and others for Thanksgiving is a relaxed, joyful you!


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