Sometimes when gratitude feels unreachable…

I don’t know how it’s for you – I sometimes get quite triggered when I’m supposed to feel or be a certain way.

Thanksgiving is a lot about gratitude and while we all know we have so much to be grateful for, are you always able to feel it and express it on these special days like Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Especially, when it comes to family triggers, being grateful can feel an unattainable state of being. And, when you’re a little like me, you tend to feel like having screwed up if you don’t feel it in the way you actually would like.

Do we want to join hearts in being less hard on ourselves? When we don’t feel gratitude in moments we expect it from ourselves it actually doesn’t mean we are an ungrateful person. It just means, in that moment, we don’t feel a certain way. And that is okay.

Isn’t it that sometimes we don’t feel love for our partner, child, parent etc. and still, we would never doubt that we love them?

I think it’s the same with gratitude. If we don’t feel it that doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful. We’re just not feeling thankfulness in that moment.

Be easy on yourself.

I’m sending you my love into your Thanksgiving weekend.

Right now my heart is filled with immense gratitude for you. Thank you for being part of my life. It is very special to me to know that I am sharing what’s on my mind and in my heart and you take the time to share this experience with me. Maybe even resonate with me.

Resonance is one of the most beautiful, vital gifts we can give to each other.

I’m sending you my love!

P.S. Sometimes when I don’t find the feeling of gratitude within myself I think of things I could be grateful for. Somehow the word “could” does the magic. Thank you, Deepak Chopra!

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