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A Conversation About Worrying and Mind Power with Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. Bill Wade



by Nina from MindGourmet


My Mind – My Best And Toughest Friend

I am fascinated with the mind; with what consciousness is and what role our brains, hearts, and bodies in general play in all this.

On the other side of that coin is my tendency to easily get worried and anxious. When I slide into these stressful states I feel a lot more troubled than fascinated.


Learning from Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. Bill Wade, Psychologists and Authors of The Worry-Free Mind

A little while ago, I watched my friend Natalie Ledwell’s very interesting interview with psychologists (and husband and wife) Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. Bill Wade. I loved the way the two shared their knowledge about the mind – inspiring and easy to understand — and immediately bought their latest book The Worry-Free Mind (Read my article about their book here).

As I had anticipated, it turned out to be a treasure chest of new knowledge about the mind for me. Such good explanations – and the exercises are easy and practical! I reached out to Dr. Carol and Dr. Bill to ask for an interview.


This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • Why humans tend to worry so much and the neuro-science behind it (2:55)
    • Our reality depends on where we place our attention (4:24)
    • Worrying produces chemicals in our brain which condition us into worrying (6:35)
    • Worrying isn’t just a state of mind. What we feel, think and believe impacts our genetic expression in our bodies on a daily basis (9:30)
    • We have far more control over our brain and our brain states than we think. We have the ability to alter what’s going on in the brain. A taste of what’s possible and some simple, efficient examples of how we can interrupt worrying! (10:44)
    • Why we forget all our tools to help ourselves when we get too deeply into worrying: state-dependent memory and how we can benefit from it (14:58)
    • The power of the Deep State – hovering in a brain state right above sleep (18:11)
    • Future Thinking (23:56) – creating your desired future in your mind while being in a calm state
    • The Mastery Mind, The Whole Brain State and the Flow state(27:28)
    • How to work with Dr. Carol and Dr. Bill in person (32:07)
    • You can learn how to make your brain work for you! (33:00)



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Published April 12th, 2018