Who am I, Really? Stillness, deep conversations, and daring to see.

Last Friday, concluding a week full of tension, concerns and worry, I sat with the red moon.
I felt exhausted, disconnected, and fearful.

Everything was still. In me though, there was no stillness at all.
So many thoughts were going through my mind and most of them weren’t very kind.

I was so yearning for that inner peace, that place beyond thoughts.

That week, I had begun to read Michael A. Singer’s book The Untethered Soul.
Who am I? I started to ask.

I knew the answer wouldn’t come in the form of a thought and I accepted that I am embarking on a learning process that leads me deeper and deeper into myself.

Daring to see my thoughts, watching and observing them, is one thing.
Not to engage with them, especially the super-uncomfortable ones, is another.

But back to that night under the red moon.

I promised myself that I would finally trust my inner guidance and that I would make the time and the effort to give it the space it deserved.

Learning to trust myself, my guidance, life, the universe.
Learning to let go of fear, expectations, and striving for perfection.
That’s what my life is about right now.

Some things I find extremely helpful and inspiring: meditation, mindfulness, being in nature, speaking with myself while looking at myself in the mirror. And deep conversations.

Deep conversations, far beyond small talk, equal in speaking and listening, as well as in being heard and holding space for the other. In a way, these conversations remind me of my essence and that it is okay to share and be.

Some of these precious conversations happen during my interviews. I am deeply grateful for them and I’m happy to share them with you!


Dr. Connie Kaplan:

The Invisible Garment – 30 Spiritual Principles that Weave the Fabric of Human Life


Susanne Taylor:

Alps2Alaska – Tapping Your Inner Wild


Rúna Magnus:

Empowering Humans to Be the Change They Want to See in the World



Be inspired!




Three more things that inspire me this week:

The #30days2flow challenge by Gido Schimanski on Instagram (and checking in with my own connection to flow).

Erin Stutland’s Soul Strolls: I’m doing one every morning this week!

My own meditation: Grateful – A Meditational Journey Into Gratitude. It’s an interesting thing being guided by my own voice and words – and it gives me a very direct measure about how accepting I am with myself. I’d love for you to try it, too, and to hear about your experience!


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