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Bernd OsterhammelSchöpferkraft – Ein Wegweiser zu einem kraftvollen und authentischen Leben
Dawson ChurchMind to Matter – The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality
Diana TapiaWorldwide Immigrants Association – Empowering and Guiding Immigrants
Pepper LewisRefreshing, Accessible and Relevant Wisdom From A Wise Woman Of The Earth
Diane HunterThe Power of Tuning in and Listening
Alberto VilloldoGrow a New Body – How SPIRIT and Power Plant NUTRIENTS Can Transform Your Health
Anouk BindelsHeart & Brain Power – Creating a New You through Thinking Differently
Nick JankelSpiritual Atheist – A Quest To Unite Science And Wisdom Into A Radical New Life Philosophy to Thrive In The Digital Age
Michael AlceeUnderstanding the Nature of Introversion
Nick HainesThe Five Energies
Joan TabbBuilding Blocks for the NEW Retirement
LouAnne LudwigA Journey Within
Christine BairdThe Worthfull Project
Lynne McTaggartThe Power of Eight
Ora NadrichSays Who?
Rúna Magnusdottir and Nick HainesThe Story of Boxes – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Kitty WatersDo Your Dharma!
Tim ShieldsA Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment
Gido SchimanskiLife Is Yours to Create!
Dr. Liz Anderson PeacockThe Best Version of You
Nancy LevinThe New Relationship Blueprint – 10 Steps to Reframe the Way You Love
Jacquie Olds and Richard SchwartzSunSprite – Your Personal Light Trac
Susanne FrandsenCatalyzing Change
Robyn ChavarieFrom Chaos to Clarity
Ayesha and Dean Sherzai, MDThe Alzheimer’s Solution – A Breakthrough Program to Prevent and Reverse the Symptoms of Cognitive Decline at Every Age
Rúna MagnusEmpowering Humans to Be the Change They Want to See in Their World
Susanne Taylor Alps2Alaska – Tapping Your Inner Wild
Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, M.D.The NEURO Plan for Brain and Body Health
Connie KaplanThe Invisible Garment
Ryan HolidayThe Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
The Answer Is Somewhere ElseMindGourmet’s Happitizers are little inspirational nuggets for you to taste and enjoy on the fly!
Jalaja BonheimThe Magic of Circlework – The Practice Women Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves
Tiffani Churchill
Tiffani ChurchillThe Path To Everything – BE the Receiver of All that You Desire
Emeran Mayer
Emeran Mayer, M.DThe Mind-Gut Connection
The Worry Free Mind
The Worry-Free MindA Conversation About Worrying and Mind Power with Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. Bill Wade
Article by K. Melissa Waterman
K. Melissa WatermanMaking The Invisible Visible
Digital Detox- Happitizers
Digital DetoxMindGourmet’s Happitizers are little inspirational nuggets for you to taste and enjoy on the fly!
Clayton John Ainger-Spiritual Teacher
Clayton John AingerThe Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity!
How do you want to feel? MindGourmet
How do you want to feel?MindGourmet’s Happitizers are little inspirational nuggets for you to taste and enjoy on the fly!
Dr. Joe Dispenza-Becoming Supernatural
Dr. Joe DispenzaBecoming Supernatural
MindGourmet's Happitizers
I ChooseMindGourmet’s Happitizers are little inspirational nuggets for you to taste and enjoy on the fly!
Start before you are ready
Start before you’re ready!MindGourmet’s Happitizers are little inspirational nuggets for you to taste and enjoy on the fly!

Tim Ferriss

Tim FerrisTribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice From the Best In the World
Dr. Judith Orloff
Dr. Judith OrloffThe Empath’s Survival Guide – Life Strategies for Sensitive People
Arianna Huffington
Arianna HuffingtonThrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder
Courtney Carver
Courtney CarverSoulful Simplicity – How Living With Less Can Lead to So Much More
Craig Young
Craig YoungFollowing the Nudges of Your Core
Barry Goldstein- MindGourmet
Barry GoldsteinThe Secret Language of the Heart
Mel Robbins
Mel RobbinsThe Five Second Rule
Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan
Elfreda Manahan-VaughanFrom Competence to Confidence
Amy Cuddy
Amy CuddyPresence – Bringing Your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges
Dr. Dain Heer
Dr. Dain HeerBeing You, Changing the World
Amy Morin
Amy Morin13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.
Elle Luna
Elle LunaThe Crossroads of Should and Must – Find and Follow your Passion
Change your Life Quotes
Erin StutlandMovement in your body creates movement in your life!
Mo Gawdat
Mo GawdatSolve for Happy
Lewis Howes-The School of Greatness
Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness – A real-world guide to living bigger, loving deeper, and leaving a legacy
Mind Movies-Creating Your future Now
Mind Movies
Creating your future now!
Natalie Ledwell-MindGourmet
Natalie Ledwell
Live large, choose courageously
and love without limits

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