The Power of Mastermind Groups

Once a month I meet with my mastermind group. We’re five entrepreneurs from three different countries living in four different time zones. In the 90 minutes that we share with each other via zoom call we talk about our successes, questions and passions. We hold each other accountable and we help each other. But, most importantly, we see each other as our future selves.

Why is this so powerful and so important?

When you have a vision for the future, you need people you can rely on, you can feel safe with and who can hold that vision for you in those moments you just can’t believe in it yourself. Venturing out into a new project is so exciting, but at times also very intimidating because it stretches us far out of our comfort zones. And one change – like mine, leaving elementary teaching and creating MindGourmet – brings so many other changes with it, it can be quite unsettling.

For me, one of the biggest challenges has been that it was so hard to explain what I was about to do, why I’m so inspired to inspire, why I’d leave my super-secure job, why I feel so at home in Southern California. Me changing my path rippled out into all areas of my life, also my relationships. Often I felt I most needed the people closest to me to give me a safe space for my transformation. I learnt, though, that my change impacted them in different ways, too – regarding their own dreams, comfort zones, fears and passions.

In all these changing times it is very uplifting, encouraging, and soothing to have a network of people that are in a similar place to the one I am in. I think, what I’m writing about my mastermind group applies to relationships in general. Who, among the people you know, represents the kind of relationship you desire to have more of in your life? Can you spend more time with them? Where and how can you find more friends of your future self? Who will you see less frequently in your future? Just a few thoughts to ponder for you. And me.

Much love,


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