Nina Attends Dr. Joe’s Advanced Workshop

Nina is attending her 4th advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. The Advanced Workshop is an inward journey and participants will be instructed in meditation to enhance perceptual constructs of life and the self. The concept of coherence, the blessing of energy centers, the union of energy polarities, healing, and group healings will also be broadened and progressed. One of the highlights of attending an Advanced Workshop is that you are given the option of participating in one of the Scientific Tests that Dr. Joe is currently doing to determine the effects of meditation upon the body and environment.

This time it takes place in Indian Wells, CA in a really nice resort and spa. I will take the opportunity to take pictures for one of our upcoming Catch of the Day themes. I will also visit Joshua Tree National Park.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Marriot – Indian Wells, CA
Indian Wells, CA
Joshua Tree National Park