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Creating Your Future Now!

by Nina from MindGourmet


Vision Boards Taken To the Next Level: Mind Movies

If you’re looking for a turbo-boost to propel your life onto the next level, create a Mind Movie – you’ll be surprised!

What actually is a Mind Movie? It’s a powerful combination of pictures, affirmations and music. You are using affirmations that describe the future as if it is happening now and enhance it with pictures that bring those affirmations to life. Then you add the song that really makes our heart sing. When you watch your Mind Movie, you feel what it’s like to already be there, and you see yourself in this new future.

How To Make A Mind Movie

Mind Movies is an online tool that allows you to combine pictures, music and affirmations. You can upload your own photos and songs or use the Mind Movies archives. The Mind Movies web platform is easy to navigate and you can adjust many preferences to your taste; the transition between pictures, the duration of one picture or the adaptation of your video length to your music. When you are done, allow for a short processing time and you’ll be able to download your Mind Movie! You can watch it on your phone, tablet or computer, so it is with you all times. It is easily accessible whenever you need that extra boost of energy and a clear focus on what really matters to you.

You Need To Know What You Want

What may take a little more work, focus and awareness from your side is to decide what you want and to shape it into the affirmations you need.

In a Mind Movie, you’re combining affirmations that are describing the future as if it is happening already now. They state your goal(s), what life is going to look like once you get there, what your reasons behind the goal are (for example freedom, more time for yourself), the actions you need to take to be in alignment with your goal and how you need to be to become this healthy, wealthy, loving person you dream about. Natalie Ledwell’s recommendation – she’s one of the founders and the face of Mind Movies – is to be clear on what you want, but not too specific.

 Different Mind Movies for Different Times, Occasions and Areas of Your Life

You might create a Mind Movie for a certain area in your life, like health, wealth, love or relationships. You can also have a Mind Movie with your goals for the year, or you could put one together for the time leading up to an exam or another important moment in your life.

How Often Do You Watch a Mind Movie?

You can watch your Mind Movie as often as you like. The best times are directly after waking up and before falling asleep.

What Are The Costs?

Your lifetime access to Mind Movies currently costs $97. You can create an unlimited amount of Mind Movies.


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Published May 4th, 2017