Let Me Happitize You!

It must have been a year or so that I’ve been dreaming about creating my Happitizers, little inspirational nuggets to taste and enjoy on the fly.

I’m really good at having ideas, but acting on them and bringing them into reality often creates resistance in me, which then results in a lot of procrastination. Why?

Because I just don’t feel ready.

What if nobody likes what I’ve come up with?
I actually don’t know how to do this!
Do I really want to show myself on video?
I want it to look professional!
Anyway, what exactly will I talk about?
And on and on and on.

Finally, I realized, that I’ll need to start before I feel ready because chances are good that I’ll never feel ready.

In the meanwhile, Happitizers #1, #2, and #3 are out in the world!

Are they perfect? No.

Did I screw up my English? Sometimes.

Am I still alive? YES!

And I discovered, I the most introverted introvert actually like being on camera!

May I happitize you?

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