Tiffani Churchill

The Path to Everything - BE the Receiver of All that You Desire

by Nina from MindGourmet

From the first moment I met Tiffani Churchill, I knew it was a meaningful encounter – friendship on first sight. Sitting in that beautiful restaurant in Dana Point, Southern California, overlooking the ocean, we had a deep and fun conversation, the first one of many more to come.

The way we can inspire each other is wonderful and I have truly learned so much from her! I absolutely admire Tiffani’s wisdom about the mechanics of life and how well she puts her knowledge into words. And that’s just one thing I so like about her!

I am so glad that Tiffani agreed to create a course for our MindGourmet Academy!

It’s called The Path To Everything – BE the Receiver of All That You Desire.

I’m thrilled to announce that The Path to Everything is open for enrollment!

Want to know more about Tiffani, The Path to Everything, and our friendship?


This is what you’ll learn from our interview:


    • Tiffani’s journey and how she became who she is today. 2:58


    • Why the Path to Everything is truly a universal way to create whatever one desires for their life and why it works for every area of our lives. 14:00


    • What you will learn and experience taking The Path to Everything. 16:48


    • Tiffani explains how the 6-week course is structured: 21:39


    • Why is the inner work key to seeing the desired changes unfolding in our external lives? 26:10


    • The Path to Everything Meditation and why it is so important to meditate with it on a regular basis 31:30


    • Tiffani manifested a lot of remarkable things in her life – here’s a glimpse! 41:02



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Published April 30th, 2018