Clayton John Ainger

The Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity!

by Nina from MindGourmet

I remember, I contacted Clayton a few years ago after a friend had told me about a remarkable reading he had given her. Feeling quite stuck with myself, I reached out to him and got a reading. I felt deeply known, understood and guided – and provided with a whole new perspective on my life. That was the beginning of a relationship that eventually turned into a precious friendship.


A Powerful Meditation in Stonehenge

During a powerful meditation in Stonehenge, Clayton received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity, the true purpose of ego and how to be free of it. He found that there is a pattern to our negativity which he calls The Ego’s Code, and he discovered a way to decipher it, clear out negativity, remove unhelpful habits, change old belief patterns, and restore the soul so that you can live your truth – in a life of fun, play, happiness, and fulfillment. By working with his negativity he completely changed his life – and ultimately started to teach others how to understand the truth behind their negativity as well.


Sought After Consultant and Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Coach, Author and Psychic Medium

Today, Clayton is living his purpose to the fullest, evolving into new facets of himself and his work all the time. Having once been depressed and desperate about his life, not understanding his own negativity, he made his transformation into a sought-after consultant and speaker, spiritual teacher and coach, author and psychic medium.


Our Conversation About The Ego’s Code – And Much More

In our interview, Clayton and I speak about

  • How Clayton found his purpose and calling (04:12)
  • What is required to change our lives into the direction we wish for (08:17)
  • What The Ego’s Code is and how we can decipher it and release the negativity (16:25)
  • Aligning to our truth (24:08)
  • The importance of aligning our thoughts and feelings (42:45)
  • How to work with Clayton in person and event information (46:28)
  • What is a reading with Clayton like? (50:10)
  • Clayton’s inspiring closing words (54:00)



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Published March 6th, 2018