Natalie Ledwell

“Live Large, Choose Courageously and Love Without Limits”

by Nina from MindGourmet

Natalie Ledwell is an open-minded, highly conscious woman skillfully tuned into the mechanics of the Law of Attraction. Making it her best friend, she playfully navigates the parameters of co-creation never forgetting to take life seriously without being too serious.

Natalie is outgoing, vivacious, and living the life of her dreams while helping others surf the same wave of success, happiness and joy. Not by talking much emotional fuss, but by explaining the works of life in practical words while giving tools to live accordingly. She’s fun to hang out with and shares her thoughts and personal story freely and contagiously.

If you live around L.A. you may even see Natalie riding her bike in Santa Monica with her beloved puppy Bella in the basket.

“Life LedWell“ could be a perfect slogan for her, too!

Mind Movies – A Powerful Visualization Tool

Most people probably know Natalie through one of her most successful products and manifestation tools, Mind Movies. If you’re looking for a turbo-booster to propel your life into the next level, create a Mind Movie – you’ll be surprised!

But what actually IS a Mind Movie? It’s a powerful combination of pictures and affirmations. You are using affirmations that describe the future as if it is happening now and enhance them with pictures that bring those affirmations to life. Then you add a song that really makes your heart sing. When you watch your Mind Movie, you feel what it’s like to already be there and you experience yourself in this new future.

You can download your Mind Movie to your phone, tablet or computer, so it is with you all times. And whenever you need that extra boost of energy, you can easily watch it! But hear Natalie herself explain it herself in our interview (see below)!

The Inspiration Show

Natalie’s Inspiration Show is a series of short and straight to-the point interviews featured on her website. Today there are over 500 episodes to watch. She’s speaking with a wide array of highly renowned persons like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch, JJ Virgin, Mike Dooley, and Arielle Ford – just to name a few!

More Ways to Connect with Natalie:

If you are interested in more information about the Law of Attraction, you’ll enjoy Natalie’s first and bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams” (also available as audiobook narrated by her). It tells the story of how Katherine Murray changes her life, from waitress to award-winning screenwriter, in a fascinating way. Readers can also access a behind-the-scenes video series in which Natalie explains the different lessons Katherine learns.

Natalie also developed an online coaching program called USM (Ultimate Success Masterclass), in which she closely works with her students to help them achieve their most audacious goals.

Very passionate about contributing, she initiated a project called “P.D. for Kids” (P.D. standing for “Personal Development”), in which she makes an adapted version of Mind Movies available for children and teens. With it comes a curriculum for schools interested in helping their students find and pursue a healthy and inspiring vision for their future.


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Natalie answers Mindgourmet’s questions!


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Published May 13th, 2017