Mo Gawdat

"Solve for Happy"

by Nina from MindGourmet


The Happiness Equation

What is your happiness equation? Is there any at all? According to Mo Gawdat, one of the genius minds at Google X and the author of “Solve for Happy” there is. Mo analyzed happiness from an engineering standpoint and developed a logical view on it – a methodology that he says is scalable and repeatable like an engineering model.

The “Solve for Happy” Formula

Happiness is equal to or greater than your perception of the events of your life minus your expectations of how life should behave.
“Which means that if you perceive the events as equal or greater than your expectations, you’re happy – or at least not unhappy. But here’s the tricky bit: it’s not the event that makes us unhappy; it’s the way we think about it that does”, Mo explains.

Happiness: A Conscious Choice

Mo’s happiness equation was put through an extreme test when his son Ali suddenly died a few years ago. Was there any chance for profound happiness despite this devastating loss? Was it possible to feel the pain and not the suffering?

In his book “Solve for Happy” Mo describes it like this: “Happiness starts with a conscious choice. Life doesn’t play tricks; it’s just hard sometimes. But even then we’re always given two choices: do the best we can, take the pain, and drop the suffering, or suffer. Either way, life will be hard.”

What “The Solve for Happy” Has In Store for You

If you’re interested in cultivating your own personal happy, dive deeper into “Solve for Happy”! You’ll learn about the Six Grand Illusions, the Seven Blind Spots and the Five Ultimate Truths. This book will upgrade your understanding of happiness and show you how to be your own happiness engine!

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Published November 16th, 2017