Susanne Frandsen

Catalyzing Change

by Nina from MindGourmet


A big heart, a very clear mind and a well of knowledge

When I approached Susanne for an interview, she generously invited me to have a personal coaching session to give me an idea of what working with her looks and feels like. Of course, I accepted!

In the time we spent working together I got to know Susanne’s big heart and experienced her high level of clarity. I received insight into the vast amount of knowledge she has in so many areas like the fields of epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience – and how life here on earth really works.


Susanne, the Change Catalyst

Susanne says it’s so important to let go of being so focused on doing and instead shift our perspective to being.

In her coaching sessions, she provides a high vibrational energy state for the client to enter. Once they experience and know themselves from that elevated state of being their inner reality shifts and they can’t “un-know” that greater awareness.

As soon as this change takes place within a person, life starts to shift on the outside as well.

But listen and see for yourself! We had so much to talk about!




This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


  • Susanne’s journey of transformation (01:45)

  • Why Susanne describes herself as a Change Enzyme and how she catalyzes change in her clients (12:40)

  • Two questions that enable us to appreciate the value of challenges in the now (19:55)

  • How stress and being in survival mode affects our inner GPS (25:05)

  • How epigenetics, neuroscience, and quantum physics contribute to a new understanding of an empowered human being (31:05)

  • Susanne’s thoughts on health and healing (39:25)

  • The Passion Test as a tool for reprogramming the mind (44:25)

  • More empowering information about epigenetics – your thinking creates the chemistry of your body (50:00)

  • Life is meant to be easy, finding your natural element, and how coaching offers new perspectives (59:45)

  • How to work with Susanne and how to find her: (01:06:20)



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Published September 4th, 2018