Jacquie Olds and Richard Schwartz

SunSprite – Your Personal Light Tracker

by Nina from MindGourmet

We need light for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Many people suffer from emotional imbalances, low energy levels, and sleep disturbances. All too often the decision to take medication is made very quickly. But we’re forgetting one readily available component that has a major influence on our wellbeing: sunlight.

I think we all know on some level that light is important for our wellbeing, but did you know that it’s actually essential to get enough light?


You can measure your sunlight exposure

Harvard professors Jacquie Olds and Richard Schwartz are the developers of the SunSprite, a little sunlight tracker that measures the quantity and quality of your sunlight exposure (and quite a bit more!)

Jacquie’s and Richard’s intention is to provide a tool that helps you to get enough bright light exposure during your day. The SunSprite measures light intensity, tells you how much of your daily dose of light you’ve already absorbed and supports you in finding the place with the most light in your home. Nope, your eyes can’t always tell because they’re very adaptive in how much light they let in.

The SunSprite especially (but not only!) supports people who suffer from depression to get the right amount of light, either through sunlight exposure or a therapy lamp. Light is a proven and very powerful remedy for depression.


Learn more in our interview!




This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • The effects of bright light on the human brain (03:15)


    • The best way to get our sunlight exposure for optimal wellbeing (4:40)


    • The effects of artificial lights and living out of synch with our circadian rhythm (06:30)


    • Idea and invention of the SunSprite (10:05)


    • How to use the SunSprite for the optimal benefit (13:00)


    • The benefit of sunlight for mood, attention and alertness is received through the eyes (15:50)


    • Why early morning sunlight is so good (17:45)


    • Can we actually get too much sunlight? (18:55)


    • The importance of a stable circadian rhythm with regards to weight (23:55)


    • ADD (Attention deficit disorder) and its relationship to light (25:15)


    • Near-Sightedness and lack of light (27:05)


    • Where to go when you want to know more about Richard, Jacquie, and the SunSprite (29:00)




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Published September 14th, 2018