Rúna Magnus

Empowering Humans to Be the Change They Want to See in Their World

by Nina from MindGourmet


Our Beliefs Shape Our Perception – Musing About Boxes

Icelandic thought leader Rúna Magnus and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. I remember the first time we talked we instantly got absorbed into a veryinspiring conversation about how our beliefs shape our reality, both on a personal level as well as on a grander scheme.

We talked vividly about how our “boxes” can limit and sabotage us, or, on the other hand, how positive beliefs empower us and provide the lens through which we can see beauty, potential, and possibility.


Being the Change

In our interview, Rúna and I dive deeply into the phenomenon of change.

We talk about her decision to follow her heart and passion in 2006, about how to approach change, and about the importance of being aware of our limiting beliefs.

We also speak about the importance of approaching change from the inside out to create transformation and why we change the world when we change ourselves.


The Change Makers, the #nomoreboxes Movement, and the Book

Rúna founded a group of transformational leaders called The Change Makerswhose intention it is to facilitate transformation, so that everyone can become the change they wish to see in their world.

She also created the #nomoreboxesmovement. She says, “The core problem this world is facing are all the boxes we either put people into, or people put themselves into.  As the result of these different boxes, people feel isolated, limited and unempowered.”

You can support the #nomoreboxes movement on patreon.

In November, The Story of Boxes – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, a book that Rúna co-authored with Nick Haines, will be published.


Take a listen!


This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


    • Creative doer, entrepreneur, and believer in everybody’s uniqueness: Who Rúna is, and how she got to what she’s doing today – helping others to discover themselves and what they’re here to do on this planet. (2:00)


    • From doing mode to being mode: Selling her wholesale business in 2006 and following her heart, passion, and purpose. Rúna shares how she experienced that (7:10)


    • The financial crisis in 2008 and how that led to the next cornerstone of her career, personal branding. (20:05)


    • Change is a journey! Facilitating change with The Passion Test: Intention, Attention, No Tension. (26:55)


    • Change happens from the inside out: Being the change we wish to see in our world. (35:10)



    • Rúna’s upcoming book, co-authored with Nick Haines: The Story of Boxes – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (41:55)


    • The Changemakers: Eight thought leaders from six countries coming togethersharing their diverse gifts to facilitate others in being the change they wish to see in their world (46:10)


    • Where to find Rúna and how to contact her or work with her, and how to support the #nomoreboxesmovement: (50:10)


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Published July 29th, 2018