Business and Clarity Coach Robyn Chavarie

From Chaos to Clarity

by Nina from MindGourmet


Helping women connect to their intuition

Often, we don’t hear our intuition well enough to follow it. I think this is why we feel so much chaos inside – because somehow we don’t have the connection to our inner GPS.

One of Robyn’s big talents is that she easily understands what’s going on within her clients. Thus, she can help them to move from their inner chaos to the desired clarity about who they want to be in their lives.


Being aligned and taking inspired action

Our beliefs like “Life is hard,” “You have to work hard,” etc. keep us from being able to make the desired changes in our lives.

According to Robyn, when we come from a place of alignment and start taking inspired action the whole life shifts and change becomes not only possible but also easy.


Changing from the inside out

Sometimes, it seems so natural to think: “When I have (insert desire), I’ll be happy.” It just doesn’t work. True change happens from the inside out.

Robyn explains that what we actually desire are the emotions behind the thing or situation we’d love to have in our lives and that we can create and nourish these feelings independently from our outer circumstances. But listen for yourself how that can bring your dreams into your reality!


This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • Robyn’s journey and how she got to where and who she is today (1:02)


    • When I have ___ I’ll be happy: Why it doesn’t work and why happiness works from the inside out (8:20)


    • Change can be easier than we think: being in alignment and taking inspired action (12:25)


    • Why we tend to resist the change we desire (15:25)


    • The fear of being seen as our new self – being worried to lose relationships, to appear ridiculous etc. (18:50)


    • Procrastination: What it is and how we can move beyond (24:35)


    • How to discern between a very spontaneous, fear-based impulse and our intuition (28:40)


    • What Robyn recommends to get into an elevated state of being, to be able to live and create life from a place of joy, gratitude and fulfillment (35:35)


    • The services Robyn offers and how to connect with her (40:28)




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Published August 27th, 2018