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by Nina from MindGourmet

When extraordinary talents feel like, “What is wrong with me?”

From a very early age, Pepper perceived herself as different. She sensed energies and beings that no one else seemed to be aware of and was able to find things that were lost or hidden. Because of these abilities, she wondered what was wrong with her. She soon realized it was easier to not speak about her special talents.

Pepper learned that there are beings with us all the time. Just because we can’t see them with our physical eyes, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Over time, she gained the confidence to trust her perception.

Being clairvoyant or clairaudient aren’t special talents, says Pepper. They are capabilities that are available to all of us.


Special abilities come and go

When Pepper went through an extremely tough and traumatic period in her life, her special abilities almost completely disappeared. “I truly felt handicapped,” she shares. It was a feeling of being lost.

Because she couldn’t rely on her abilities anymore, Pepper had to learn how to navigate her life differently – like a “normal person,” as she laughingly said. She had no idea if these talents would ever return. Around 2014, her gifts slowly began to come back.


Redefining contemporary spiritual life

“Spirituality today, I think in some ways, is more than morality, more than ethics. It is a fine-tuning of the finer senses in life that connect us – connect us to each other, connect us to nature, connect us to the earth, and connect us to the heavens.”

Pepper says we’ve never been more curious about what’s “out there,” but also what’s deep within ourselves. All that causes us to ask deeper questions than we might have before.


Pepper and I talked about so much more! Enjoy!



    • Having “unusual” abilities can be challenging. Pepper shares some of her experiences being a specially gifted child (03:05)


    • Special abilities can come and go (08:30)


    • Redefining contemporary spiritual life (14:55)


    • The divine – always the same or ever evolving? (18:30)


    • How to make sense of what is happening on our planet (25:25)


    • Our choices are our responsibility, even if our personal influence on the big issues on our planet appears to be so small (32:20)


    • Why embarking on change creates so much resistance (35:45)


    • Pepper explains visioning (41:10)


    • When we emphasize on common sense and human nature we diminish ourselves (47:30)


    • How you can find out more about Pepper and how you can connect with her (51:55)


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Published June 2nd, 2019