Ora Nadrich

Says Who? - How One Single Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever

by Nina from MindGourmet


Ora’s original Says Who moment

When Ora was a teenager, her older sister had a tragic, devastating mental breakdown which led to her living a life with mental illness. To witness this dramatic change in her sister was very traumatic for Ora.

Not only was it devastating to see her sister suffer so terribly, Ora also became very afraid that a life with mental illness might await heras well.


Understanding the workings of the mind

We think between 40,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. We are not cognizant of every thought that we have but the thoughts that get our attention are the ones that have most energy.

Oftentimes, those are negative and fear-based thoughts. They get our attention because they feel as if they’re controlling us. This is not the case, though.


Questioning our thoughts

Questioning our thoughts is very important, says Ora. There’s that little but powerful question “Says Who?” Which means “Who is saying that thought in my mind?” Once we see that it’s us thinking our thoughts we can do something about it. We can master our internal dialogue.

When applying the Says Who? method you challenge your thoughts with different questions until they lose their grip on you, or better until you loosen yours on them.


Ora and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!



This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


    • Ora speaks about her personal journey to who she is today and to writing Says Who? (02:50)


    • We are not victims to our thoughts (06:35)


    • Owning our thoughts (08:20)


    • The strange comfort in keeping negative thoughts (10:05)


    • The Observer Mode versus the Reactor Mode (12:05)


    • Questioning our thoughts (14:35)


    • The seven questions of the Says Who? Method (16:05)


    • How to work best with the seven questions (22:15)




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Published November 19th, 2018