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by Nina from MindGourmet


Understanding the code

In his twenties, Nick went to study acupuncture in California. During his first class, when he was taught about the five energies in Chinese medicine, he had a big revelation.

It was almost like in The Matrix, explains Nick. He suddenly understood himself differently, realized why certain events in politics and history had occurred, and saw background patterns in the way the world worked.


An introduction to the Five Energies

“At the Five Institute, the big thing is: we’re about kindness. That’s what we believe the world needs. One way to do that, particularly in terms of being kind to yourself … is to understand yourself and others in a very profound way – and the Vitality Test gives you the ability to understand yourself and others in a very unique way,” says Nick.

In our interview, Nick shares the characteristics of the five energies: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. He speaks about the big questions that guide our lives within our energy setting and what enables us to step into our greatness.


Kindness Ambassador Nick

Nick’s purpose is his desire for everyone to have somebody to care for – and kindness is an excellent way to get there! Part of his mission is utilizing the Vitality Test and the Five Energies and creating kindness between couples and in relationships in general.

Nick explains: “To me, kindness is the vehicle for everyone to be there for each other in the fullest sense – to be non-judgmental, to be accepting, to be forgiving, to be all the things we need to have to support each other.” He speaks of the attitude of kindness as “kindset”.


Nick and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!

This is what you’ll learn from our conversation

    • Nick’s journey – and what led him to become who he is today (01:35)


    • Nick’s explanation of purpose (04:50)
      Here’s the link to the course “Find Your Purpose” that Nick mentioned:
    • The 5 Energies—water, wood, fire, earth, and metal—and what their big questions, their characteristics, their talents and challenges are and what enables them to step into their greatness (08:20)
      Please take the Vitality Test to know your predominant energies to get the most out of this interview!


    • How knowing our energy type can help us deal with change in our lives and how we can step up in 2019 (29:35)


    • How we can maintain momentum knowing our energy type (37:55)


    • What kindness is and why it is so important to Nick (46:55)


    • Why it is so important to know our “boxes”, our judgmental ways of thinking: Nick speaks about the book he co-authored with Rúna Magnus: The Story of Boxes, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Find our full-length interview with the authors here!


    • Where you can find out more about Nick, the Five Energies and The Story of Boxes


    • In case you’re wondering what my predominant energies are: wood and earth ☺



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Published January 16th, 2019