Nancy Levin

The New Relationship Blueprint – 10 Steps to Reframe the Way You Love

by Nina from MindGourmet

The paradigm shift: From “You complete me” to “You complement me”

We are the common denominator in all our relationships. We attract people and situations that activate our deepest emotional issues. No one knows better how to push our buttons than the people closest to us.

“No relationship is meant to save you. Instead, it’s meant to grow you,” says bestselling author Nancy Levin in her newest book The NEW Relationship Blueprint. She sees relationships as teachers that help us become more whole and more conscious human beings: “You’ll always unconsciously orchestrate the exact relationship you need in order to learn what your soul wants you to learn in this life.”

“Love is an inside job.“

Our ability to love ourselves equals our ability to love others. This includes taking care of our needs, being kind to ourselves, respecting our non-negotiables and being forgiving with ourselves. We can then gift our partner with these same qualities and be more fully able to receive them from others as well.

In The NEW Relationship Blueprint Nancy writes:  “Start holding your own needs as equally important to your partner’s.” and “The new relationship blueprint is about how you love yourself first and foremost. Then the question is how you want to be loved by the other person.”

Are you curious? Nancy and I have spoken about so much more! Enjoy our interview!

This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • How Nancy became who she is today and what led her to writing The NEW Relationship Blueprint. (02:05)
    • “Relationship is first and foremost where we learn to love ourselves.” Why learning to love others isn’t the top priority and why The NEW Relationship Blueprint is all about self-love. (15:05)
    • The new relationship paradigm: complimenting each other instead of completing each other. (19:40)
    • The lie: a happy relationship is a conflict-free relationship – Instead: Cozy up to conflict! (21:35)
    • No relationship is meant to save you. Instead, it’s meant to grow you.” Why relationships are our most potent potential for self-growth. (24:05)
    •  A a short overview over the 10 step process outlined in The NEW Relationship Blueprint. (27:50)
    • Before The NEW Relationship Blueprint” got published Nancy found herself in a big relationship challenge. She shares her thoughts and emotions. (33:20)
    • How you can learn more about Nancy, The NEW Relationship Blueprint, her new coaching program Destination Me and other ways to work with her. (38:35)
    • Nancy reads the beautiful poem “Loving and Being Loved” she shares at the end of the book. (40:55)

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Published September 21st, 2018