Jalaja Bonheim, PhD

The Magic of Circlework – The Practice Women Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves

by Nina from MindGourmet


The Circle – Much More Than Just a Geometric Form

When I read The Magic of CircleworkI became more and more fascinated by how Jalaja describes the circle:

“Personally, I’ve never viewed the circle as a mere geometric form. From the start, I perceived it as a living field of presence and consciousness, as a friend, an ally and a sacred being. … In my eyes, the circle is a great spiritual teacher who can show us how to make our relationships sacred and joyful, how to deal with obstacles, and how to find our way through the fog of our ego into the clear light of love.”


The Magic of Circlework

Circlework, as taught by Jalaja, “is a path that honors women’s deep longing to connect in intimate and authentic ways. Through a wide range of tools that include not only verbal sharing but also movement, touch, and immersion in nature, it creates spaces that feel both safe and sacred. Here, women have space to listen deeply, both to their own hearts and souls and to one another. Circlework has proven its value as an effective peace practice that is currently being used in the Middle East to unite Jewish and Palestinian women.”

Jalaja fully embodies open-heartedness. It was a true pleasure for me to have this interview with her!

This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


    • What led Jalaja to begin Circlework gatherings (1:14)


    • Why open-heartedness is the key for feeling connected, and why and how Circlework helps to be more open-hearted and trustful (2:44)


    • Being willing to see and being seen as who we really are (4:40)


    • The circle as a living field of presence and consciousness, a friend, an ally, and a sacred being (7:20)


    • The mandala and sacred geometry (10:36)


    • The importance of spaciousness (12:36)


    • The pillars of Circlework (16:40)


    • Jewish and Palestinian women coming together in the circle (22:05)


    • What works in the circle also works in life (28:00)


    • How to connect with Jalaja and her work (32:00)


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Published June 7th, 2018