Lynne McTaggart

The Power of Eight – Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World

by Nina from MindGourmet


Lynne’s intention experiments – A thought isn’t just a thing, it affects other things!

For many years, Lynne has been running global intentions experiments. She wanted to test the power of thought to change things.

Twenty-nine out of her 33 controlled, scientific experiments on human intention involving her audiences around the world showed measurable, positive, mostly significant effects. “There’s no drug out there with such kind of consistent track record,” says Lynne.


Intending with small groups

After her global experiments with vast amount of participants testing the effect of human intention on, for example, seeds or water, Lynne began to scale her groups down to just a few and began to focus on health issues.

She wanted to find out if the number of persons involved with an intention session was of any significance. She put her participants in small groups of around eight people and taught them how to hold an intention for one of the group members.

Lynne says she was totally shocked to see what happened: people with severe health challenges reported complete healings. She was thinking that this was the placebo effect, but over and over again, many people in those small groups underwent instant healings.


The power of giving – astounding mirror effects resulting from intending for others

Not only were there were instant healings, there were also mirror effects. Not only do the intentions have their effect on their targets, they also affect the intenders.

When people were intending for peace, as in the peace intention experiments, many found more peace in their own life. When they were intending for somebody’s healing their own health situation oftenimproved. A similar effect appeared in other areas of life.

Such empowering and eye-opening results! Unconditional giving leads to receiving!


Lynne and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!



This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


  • In the Prologue to The Power of Eight, Lynne writes: “For many years, I refused to write this book because I didn’t believe for one moment the strange healings that were happening in my workshops, which is to say, I had a hard time handling miracles.” She shares with us what happened and how she thought and felt about it. (03:05)

  • Lynne describes herself as a writer who is “drawn to life’s great mysteries and biggest questions – the meaning of consciousness, the extrasensory experience, life after death” and on the other hand as hard-nosed reporter who is constantly looking for solid evidence. She speaks about how it was for her to bring these two passions together. (08:40)

  • The surprising mirror effects in Lynne’s experiments: the positive effects the intenders experienced (12:15)

  • Why taking our attention off of ourselves and helping others might be the most directway to getting better (17:00)

  • Altruism – a “bulletproof vest” (18:55)

  • The nature of consciousness and the power of the collective – Lynne’s fascinating research (21:00)

  • Lynne’s large Peace Intention Experiments and they’re amazing effects (25:30)

  • How you can learn more about Lynne and her intention experiments and how you can find or create your own Power of Eight group (32:55)

  • Lynne’s recommendations for those who’d like to create a Power of Eight groups (34:54)




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Published November 27th, 2018