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Live True – A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity



by Nina from MindGourmet


We don’t have time to waste

Live True came to me right after my sister Esther passed away. (…) While I was in a grief state, I wrote Live True, as if she guided me to write this book,” shares Ora.

We don’t have time to waste.

“Who are we to waste the moments in our life?” is an essential question in the book. Live True is a call to action to value every moment in our lives because we will never experience these moments again.


Mindfulness and authenticity are inexorably linked

“One cannot almost exist without the other,” is how Ora describes the connection between mindfulness and authenticity.

How are we showing up in every moment of our lives? We are present all the time, to varying degrees – are we okay with how we present ourselves? Are we pleasing someone? Are we going against our deepest wishes? Are we hiding? Are we afraid?

Ora asks her readers: “Can you invite yourself into the moments of your life being truly authentic to who you are? Can you show up as your truest, authentic self?”


Becoming aware of our authentic selves

Mindfulness is the practice of being present with total awareness. By heightening our awareness, we become more conscious of who we are in the moment.

When we are truly present, we consciously notice how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. If we, in retrospect, see how we’ve not been authentic, we can use this new level of awareness to act differently in the future.

“Sometimes, our human experience requires us to refine who we are,” says Ora. We are on a journey of awakening, and in that journey, we learn to be more authentic. We become more and more ourselves.


Ora and I talked about so much more! Enjoy!


Show notes:


  • What inspired Ora to write Live True (3:35)

  • Inexorably linked: Mindfulness and authenticity (6:55)

  • Being aware of our level of authenticity – Mindfulness Repair (8:57)

  • The nature of present moment and why we humans seem to have so much difficulty with staying present (13:05)

  • Grieving the past and dreading the future: Mindfulness during the Corona Crisis (17:55)

  • Receiving the gift of the present moment in a time of suffering. (22:15)

  • Supporting change with mindfulness (26:40)

  • Wholeness, presence and authenticity (22:20)

  • Magic comes from within (37:05)

  • How you can connect with Ora and learn more about her work and what she offers (39:55)



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Published Mai 27th, 2020