Kitty Waters

Do Your Dharma!

by Nina from MindGourmet

We all have a gift to bring to the world: Our Dharma

There’s nobody exactly the same as you or me. We’re all unique and we bring our uniqueness into this world. Our job, says Kitty, is to uncover and discover ourselves.

“When we find out what lights us up, what we’re passionate about, when we use our gifts and talents in service to others we come alive. We’re happier, healthier, we live longer because we activate this Dharmic path.”


Dharma, what is it exactly?

The term Dharma comes from the Vedic texts. It means “the right path of action” for both the individual and the planet at the same time. When we do our Dharma we bring the world and ourselves back into balance. When we align with our unique higher purpose we become the fullest expression of ourselves, and by doing so we help balance the planet.


How to discover your Dharma

“The way you uncover your Dharma is by working in alignment with universal energy.” explains Kitty. The easiest way to find your purpose is by looking at your passions and using your excitement as a compass. By following our joy, our bliss, our highest excitement, we are vibrating at a higher frequency.

When you’re doing the things you love, more good things come back to you. You live in that beautiful synchronistic flow that is life.


Kitty and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!



This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • Kitty introduces herself and shares with us how she became who she is today (01:10)


    • What Dharma is and what we can expect when we do our Dharma and follow the path of our highest excitement (04:20)


    • Kitty’s difficult life before she uncovered her Dharma: ignoring her intuition, suffering from depression, having drug and alcohol problems (08:00)


    • The spiritual awakening when Kitty discovered her Dharma (09:00)


    • ‘Magic is believing in ourselves. If we can do that, we can do anything.’
      How our beliefs shape our world and what we can do about it (10:25)


    • A practical exercise: how to know your beliefs around money and how to question them (11:25)


    • How to deal with the resistance that comes up when we embark on change: asking ourselves empowering questions, letting the unconscious find the answer and being in the vibrational state of the solution (15:00)


    • Managing our vibrational state and how to navigate life expressing our Dharma (20:45)


    • Our passions are like breadcrumbs to the correct path in life (24:20)


    • What you’ll learn in the Do Your Dharma course (26:40)


    • How Kitty learned what she teaches (30:25)


    • How you can find out more about Kitty, her KittyTalks (@kitty_talks) podcast and the Do Your Dharma Course (31:40)




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Published November 3rd, 2018