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by Nina from MindGourmet

Entrepreneurship – Monique’s gift and passion

Already as a child, Monique Blokzyl successfully played with various creative business ideas. Passion for entrepreneurship in childhood is pretty unique in itself without mentioning that she grew up in the former communist German Democratic Republic (before the wall came down and Germany was re-united)!

Due to political and societal system circumstances, she embarked on a corporate journey after graduating from university. She pursued this career very successfully for over 15 years. Until she got, as she says, kicked in the butt by destiny twice.


A Choice from the heart

Two people very close to Monique died within a short period of time, both at the age of 46.

Monique was shaken. In her mid-thirties at the time, she asked herself what life and legacy she would want to look back on if she only had until the age of 46.

She remembered her “entrepreneurial” childhood and her joy in making a living from a business she created. This led to a big decision: Monique gave up her corporate career to pursue her passion. She strongly knew in her heart that she wanted to be an entrepreneur.


HeartPowered Business

HeartPowered Business is Monique’s most recent creation. It helps change-makers launch, grow and scale their businesses, and supports speakers in refining their message and getting it out into the world.

HeartPowered represents both her big heart and seemingly endless energy, as well as all the amazing change-makers and thought leaders she works with. She strongly believes, “If you want to impact the world, it needs to come from the inside … it needs to be passion-powered.”

Also check out HeartPowered Global Nation (see link below)!


Speaking from our hearts

Monique strongly encourages us to speak our truth and to speak it from our hearts. Everyone deserves our authentic, loving self, including us.


Monique and I spoke about so much more! Enjoy the interview!


  • Monique’s journey to who she is today (01:45)

  • Monique’ latest expression of passion is HeartPowered Business – what is it about and why is it so needed today (10:00)

  • The importance of staying positive and vibrant, having a supportive community, learning and reinventing ourselves: Life and business in times of COVID-19 and beyond (13:10)

  • How can we be more in “The Zone” and experience more flow, so that we can be centered and inspired business-owners, as well as loving and creative friends and family members (21:00)

  • The power and importance of our voice (35:20)

  • The Voice for Love Movement (43:00)

  • How you can find out more about Monique and connect with her (46:15)




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Published November 11th, 2020