Gido Schimanski

Life Is Yours to Create!

by Nina from MindGourmet


The lens of our beliefs

Our surroundings, relationships, financial setup, career, and happiness are mirrors of our belief system. We see life through the lens of our beliefs.

As long as we hold a certain belief we keep creating the same situations with different people over and over again. Our world is a reflection of our mindset.

Sometimes it can be hard to uncover our core negative beliefs. They are like blind spots. Gido compares us trying to understand our beliefs, and therefore our lives, to watching a TV program with our face glued to the TV. You actually see nothing but moving colors. This is why it often is so helpful to work with a coach.


Accepting our magnificence

It is often easier for us to accept what we perceive as our flaws than to accept and enjoy our magnificence. We’re conditioned to look at what’s not working and we’re used to making ourselves small.

“If your friends would talk to you the way you talk to yourself you would kick them out of your life within weeks”, says Gido.

When we finally give ourselves permission to see and own our magnificence, life shifts.

Are you curious? Gido and I have spoken about so much more! Enjoy our interview!



This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • Working with executives, high achievers in the entertainment world, professional athletes, facilitating trainings for the Royal Academy and Fusion5 – Gido shares more details about what he does and what he catalyzes his clients into (2:15)


    •  Gido shares his story of how he became who he is today and how he experienced “mind over matter” more than one time in his own life. (6:25)


    • How to find our negative core beliefs, patterns that seem to be blind spots hiding in plain sight (13:25)


    • Accepting (and enjoying!) our magnificence is often more challenging than accepting what we perceive as our flaws (19:30)


    • Why, when we embark upon changing our negative beliefs, our patterns that hold us back the most show up to be released and why being uncomfortable and continuously outgrowing our comfort zone is an ongoing process that is our personal evolution (25:10)


    • Everybody wants change. Nobody wants to change. Some deeper exploration of one of our human traits: resistance to change (31:15)


    • Gido’s experience with his 30 Days to Flow Challenge on Instagram: Embarking on a journey into the unknown and uncomfortable and exploring the phenomenon of flow (36:40)


    • How you can find out more about Gido, connect with him and work with him (46:25)


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Published October 23rd, 2018