Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock

The Best Version of You

by Nina from MindGourmet

Resistance is the awareness of where we are in relation to where we want to be

Dr. Liz says all our lives are built on the dichotomy of measuring one thing in comparison to another. We need contrast to understand the scope of our world. To really know what it means to be satisfied it’s necessary to have experienced hunger, for example.

It makes us uncomfortable to see where we are in comparison to where we would like to be.


Why change appears to be hard

Going from the familiar to the unknown is often scary. We start overthinking and try to control how we can reach our goals.

Dr. Liz says if we let go of the “how” and learn to be very present, the “how”will show up for us.

The other challenge is neurological change. We have to unwire habitual patterns and rewire our brain. We have to be conscious, aware, diligent, and it takes work because we need to be present in the process of change.


Are you curious? Liz and I have spoken about so much more! Enjoy our interview!


This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • Why, when we really start to change we often run into our own resistance to change. (03:05)


    • Change in one area is always a change in our entire life (12:10)


    • How we face challenges can teach us a lot and why it is so helpful to practice elevated emotions (17:20)


    • How we can discern between true intuition and a very spontaneous reaction based on limited beliefs (21:55)


    • What authentic, benevolent and powerful leadership is (27:00)


    • Liz’ Program The Best Version of You (33:30)


    • Where to go if you want to know more about Dr. Liz (36:35)


    • You are here for a reason (38:45)



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Published September 29th, 2018