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The Power of Tuning in and Listening



by Nina from MindGourmet


The fear of the unknown

Don’t we all know this? We so desire change and then, when we really embark on a transformation, we tend to get terrified and would rather stay with the painful situation we’re in instead of daring to encounter the unknown. Our comfort zone is where we feel safe.

“I still get scared,” shares Diane. “My courage comes from actually slowing down and listening and tuning in to hear the guidance of what’s the next step. And then trying it and taking in the feedback.”


Tuning into our inner guidance

“For me, it really is tuning in. Listening. And it’s like dialing into a radio station.” Diane says when she’s tuned in, it’s like a river of information that is flowing through her, and she is available to be in service of divine love.

When we’re caught in stressful thoughts about the past or the future, it’s like static in a radio broadcast, which means we’re not available to the flow of information that’s coming from the field.

Awareness is the first step. It enables us to choose where we place our attention.


Horses mirror our energy: Equus Coaching

A horse’s nervous system is very sensitive, it’s very attuned to emotions. If a stressed, angry, or confused human being gets close to a horse, it picks their energy up, feels disturbed by it, and naturally moves away.

On the other hand, if we’re calm, centered, and coherent the horse will feel drawn to us. Horses move away from what doesn’t feel good to them and move towards coherent energy.

Horses are very direct mirrors to our energy state. They don’t have filters through which they perceive their reality.

Working with horses can reveal the patterns that are blocking our flow. Diane, as an Equus Coach, guides and accompanies her clients through their experiences with themselves and the horse.


Equus Coaching is just one facet of the fascinating work Diane is doing. In our interview, we talked about so much more! Enjoy!


    • Diane’s story of how she became who she is today: she speaks about her son being her teacher and how experiencing the work of Martha Beck changed her life. (02:30)


    • Diane shares a very powerful meditation experience she had (09:20)


    • How Diane handles the fear of the unknown (13:25)


    • Tuning into our inner guidance (20:10)


    • Horses, sensitive beings that can be our mirrors. Diane speaks about Equus Coaching (24.45)


    • Diane shares about her relationship to her oldest son, who is non-verbal and how he teaches her to really listen beyond words and broaden her awareness. (40:48)


    • The power of connection through verbal on non-verbal language (45:20)


    • Diane’s work as a coach (50:25)


    • Recurring patterns – can we let go of them for good? (54:35)


    • How you can find out more about Diane, her work and how you can connect with her (59:10)




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Published May 22nd, 2019