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Founding the Worldwide Immigrant Association

Eight years ago, Diana, a lawyer from Mexico, moved to Canada. After she got well established there, other immigrants started to approach her with questions on how to navigate their new lives, asking for guidance around decisions they had to make or needing support in how to deal with homesickness.

Diana naturally started helping them and received great feedback about the helpfulness of her support.

Seeing the potential in what she was doing and feeling the joy that came with it, Diana quit her job and embarked on founding the Worldwide Immigrant Association. Besides to wanting to help others, she was longing for a community within which she could share her own questions and concerns and receive the sense of belonging to an encouraging tribe.


What is the Worldwide Immigrants Association?

The Worldwide Immigrants Association (WIA) is an online community of immigrants around the world who are sharing their knowledge and their experiences, and who support each other.

On the WIA’s website, you can find interviews with successful immigrants, learn from the expertise of immigrants who teach their knowledge, and join a membership area that offers workshops, master classes and more for immigrants who want to go even deeper. Here, immigrants can receive personal empowerment and learn more about having a less stressful and more fulfilling life in their new or future home country.

The WIA in itself is a whole network for immigrants to connect, learn, and support each other.


The responsibility of your happiness is yours – every change is a chance

“Every change is a chance,” says Diana. “If we see it like that, we’ll be able to produce the life that we always wanted.”

It’s important to focus on the positive aspects moving to a new country brings with it – the very aspects we dream about and envision for ourselves when we make the decision to relocate. Reality is often very sobering as the new life in a different country always brings challenges that make us doubt if our decision was right.

“Take an every-day decision of having the best day and the best life here and now in the place that you chose to live,” recommends Diana.


Diana and I talked about so much more! !

Enjoy our interview!


This is what you’ll learn from our conversation

    • Diana shares about who she is, what brought her to Canada, and how she came to create the Worldwide Immigrants Association (01:25)


    • Experiencing life and yourself in a different language and culture (06:45)


    • Moving to a new country includes having expectations about how life will be. These expectations though don’t always match the reality that awaits the immigrant. Also, the immigrant may be facing expectations which often can feel like prejudices. (11:10)


    • Moving to a different country brings insecurity and doubts – how you can deal with them (15:15)


    • Activities that help to grow into a new culture, meet new friends, and deal with being homesick (17:45)


    • Why it is so important to know why you want to move to another country and to be as clear as possible about what is awaiting you (22:45)


    • Why Diana founded the Worldwide Immigrant Association (25:55)


    • What the WIA is about and what you can expect if you decide to become a member (30:05)


    • Diana’s biggest wish for WIA (34:00)


    • The responsibility of your happiness is yours (39:55)


    • How and where to find out more about Diana and the Worldwide Immigrants Association (41:25)





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Published June 23rd, 2019