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Mind to Matter – The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality



by Nina from MindGourmet

Becoming a happy person

“I’m actually a happy person, but I never would have thought I would be saying that about myself because when I was a child I was very unhappy.” Being depressed and anxious as a teenager, Dawson was looking at happy people thinking, “I don’t believe it. They aren’t really that happy!”

Dawson embarked on a spiritual quest to find happiness. He joined a spiritual community when he was 15 years old, meditated, did energy healing, and over the years, gradually recovered from his unhappiness.


Becoming an advocate for energy techniques

Because he saw himself and others easily shift into more health and elevated states when they used energy techniques, Dawson eventually became an advocate for those powerful modalities. He says they are, “exponentially more powerful than virtually anything we have in conventional medicine” when it comes to chronic diseases, diseases of modern lifestyle, and diseases caused by stress.

Dawson got involved in dozens of clinical trials and wrote several books. His most recent is the subject of our interview: Mind To Matter – The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.


Mind To Matter

In Mind To Matter Dawson presents over 400 scientific studies showing that our minds are not the source of consciousness.

Dawson shares that, “Our minds, in fact, are receivers and transducers of consciousness from information fields and using our minds and other layers of our physical reality, we then create the world around us.”

Our thoughts and experiences shape our minds. Dawson calls our perception of who we are the local mind. Then, there is the non-local mind,  “Our brains, our bodies, our minds are consciousness and part of a non-local field. That field is not limited to our local reality and certainly not limited to our brain.”


Dawson and I talked about so much more! Enjoy!


  • How Dawson became who he is today (02:00)

  • How brain, mind, and consciousness are related (5:55)

  • What happens in our brains during deep meditation (11:40)

  • Mind to matter vs. mind over matter (13:30)

  • What is the non-local mind? (18:25)

  • Mind Change = Field Change = Cell Change (20:35)

  • Emotions organize our environment and shape the world around us. (26:20)

  • Creating global coherence – being the change we wish to see in the world (34:00)

  • Synchronicities – what are they and how can we experience many of them? (37:00)

  • More information on Dawson’s work and how to connect with him (43:20)

  • Letting go of our negative conditioning (44:45)


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Published July 23rd, 2019