Christine Baird

The Worthfull Project

by Nina from MindGourmet

From pain to podcast

After several years of a 90-mile an hour lifestyle, Christine was burnt out. During these times of feeling so off balance, a friend recommended she listen to podcasts. Christine loved being inspired by the deep conversations she got to listen to.

One day she woke up thinking “enough is enough.” She decided to create a new life and learn to be okay with herself.

After a couple of years of self-investigation and work on herself Christine realized that she wanted to help others take ownership of their worth – and so she started her own podcast, The Worthfull Project.

Christine shares: “The through line in this entire journey, what gave me the courage and what got me through all the really transformative, fiery experiences of becoming a different version of myself was self-worth and realizing and coming to terms with the fact that I had given away my self-worth many times before in a desperate need for validation from all these external sources, and I had disconnected from my own sense of worth.”


The difference between knowing and owning our worth

“It’s not enough to know our worth because if we’re not willing to own it, then the world is robbed of our gifts,” says Christine. The knowledge of self-worth has to come first. Then ownership is the actual physical doing and showing everyone what we have to offer.


We need to be worthy to receive

When we try to hide who we are to play it safe, there’s no way to receive all the abundance, gifts, blessings and opportunity life wants to give us.

If we are in full ownership of who we are and what we can offer, we radiate what we have to give. We’re telling the world that we’re ready to be seen and to receive what life has to give us.

We are in control of what we’re bringing towards us based on how we show up.


Christine and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!



This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:


    • Christine shares her story and what inspired her to create The Worthfull Project (01:30)


    • The difference between knowing and owning our worth (10:10)


    • The close relationship between the ownership of our worth and our ability to give and receive (16:40)


    • There’s a difference between over-giving because we need to be liked and sharing our gifts from a place of peace and power (20:30)


    • Why owning our worth is inviting others to own theirs (23:45)


    • Self-worth gets challenged when we go through big changes in our life. How we can stay connected to our worth in times of transition. Christine speaks about the importance to stick to healthy habits. She shares her morning routine and her insights about introversion and extroversion (27:55)


    • How would a world in which everybody owns their worth be? (35:35)


    • How you can find out more about Christine and The Worthfull Project (38:00)


    • There’s always the potential for unpleasant feedback – own your worth and know that judgment isn’t personal (40:10)




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Published December 4th, 2018