Susanne Taylor

Alps2Alaska – Tapping Your Inner Wild

by Nina from MindGourmet


Two Friends and Lots of Inspiration

Susanne Taylor grew up in Alaska, a place that to me represents vastness, wilderness, and adventure. Eleven years ago she moved to Munich, Germany, with her then young daughter. That’s where I met her last year. I attended one of her workshops, and we immediately became friends.

I’m sure you’ve had it happen to you, too. You meet someone for the first time and at the same time you feel like you’ve known this person forever. That’s how it was for me.

Susanne and I have many things in common, like our curiosity about life and our own nature, and our love for synchronicities and genuine human connection. When we talk, it feels like being in an expanding bubble of inspiration and appreciation, and I am always enriched by our conversations.

So I just have to introduce her to you!


Alps2Alaska – Think Big & Find Your Tribe

Alps2Alaska is one of Susanne’s big passion projects, and it is ready to take off – maybe with you on board?

The idea for Alps2Alaska stems from her love for nature and her knowingness of how it can help transform our lives.

It’s about building a global community of people who are awakening to the power of collective intelligence and resource sharing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live bigger and fuller – and to tap your inner wild and to live your way into your answers in an epic environment like the Alps or Alaska?

Take a listen! We talk about Alps2Alaska and so much more!




This is what you’ll learn from our conversation:

    • How Susanne and I met: 00:56


    • Bridging continents, one of many things Susanne and I have in common, and the richness of multi-cultural experiences: 02:43


    • Susanne’s story, what brought her to Germany, and what led her to who she is and what she does today: helping others to unlock their potential in many ways: 4:47


    • Susanne’s passion project – Alps2Alaska; combining her love for nature with powerful personal development activities and building a global community: 11:35


    • More details: Alps2Alaska, a personal growth adventure that is linked to the experience of finding your tribe and being in an epic environment: 16:25


    • Building a global community of people who are awakening to the power of collective intelligence and resource sharing 25:03


    • The coordinates: When and where Alps2Alaska is happening in 2018 and 2019; the application and registration process; a description of the location; some hints about what it’ll be like to be part of the first event in the French Alps! 28:07


    • Does one have to be super-fit to participate? 39:23


    • Is it possible to come earlier and / or stay longer? 40:28


    • Susanne envisioning her future participants: 42:35


    • The investment to participate: 45:28


    • Alps2Alaska is just one of Susanne’s passions. She’s doing a lot more: private coaching and team coaching, action learning circles, the Virtual Compass Group (similar to a mastermind group), and in-person envisioning and goal-setting workshops; Susanne’s C-Flow website: 52:03


    • Susanne’s journaling recommendation – practicing gratitude, writing as your future self, and taking action: 58:23



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Published July 20th, 2018