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Grow a New Body – How SPIRIT and Power Plant NUTRIENTS Can Transform Your Health



by Nina from MindGourmet


A very unusual diagnosis

During his many travels all over the world, Alberto Villoldo picked up a number of viruses and parasites that were wreaking havoc with his health. One day he was so tired that he went for a medical checkup. “You should be dead,” said the doctors who evaluated his test results.

Alberto had parasites in his brain and his heart was full of holes, and he was told to get on a list for a liver transplant. “I had to grow a new liver, a new heart, and a new brain, and I knew if I went the western medical route that I could probably get a new liver and maybe a new heart, but where was I going to find a good brain? They’re very difficult to come by these days,” he adds with a little smile.


You can grow an entirely new body

The medicine men and women of the Amazon and the Andes know the sacred plants that are able to break into password protected regions of our DNA to trigger the same mechanisms that were functional when we grew our body the first time.

“You can either grow a new body that is a slightly older version of the one you have right now or you can grow an entirely new body that will allow you to heal differently, age differently, and even die differently,” says Alberto.


Dying to our old habits and our old stories

Alberto says you have to become comfortable with your own passing and your own death in order to grow a new body because to grow a new body you also have to grow a new mindset about who you are. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These three big questions will launch you on a spiritual quest, help you to grow a new being, and to step into your new being.

You can begin to plan your own destiny and you’re no longer the product of your genetics, of the heart disease that runs in your family, or whatever else that sounds like it might be your doom. “You’re the product of who you’re becoming and not of who you have been.”


Alberto and I talked about so much more!

Enjoy our interview!


    • Alberto shares about the very unusual diagnosis he received when the doctors found out what was going on in his body (04:00)


    • What Alberto learned working with the medicine men and women of the Amazon and the Andes about growing an entirely new body that will allow you to heal differently, age differently, and even die differently (06:30)


    • Alberto’s last-minute decision to not get treated in a hospital and instead travel to the Amazon to recover his health. “It’s the best decision I could have made. Otherwise I would be dead by now,” says Alberto (10:00)


    • The importance of dying in a conscious, prepared way as well as the importance of dying to our old habits and old stories (12:15)


    • Grow a New Body – how we can repair our whole body, including the brain and our psyche (19:15)


    • We have to be careful what we eat to have a healthy brain and grow a new body: avoiding sugar, cutting back on proteins, burning fat for fuel and much more (20:45)


    • Working with your energy field, clearing and upgrading it (24:00)


    • We cannot heal our emotions without healing the brain (28:10)


    • Waking up, growing up, and showing up – being part of the solution and dreaming the world into being (30:05)



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Published March 27th, 2019