How I’m Learning to Let Go of Worry and Create the Life I Desire (and how you can, too)

State-Dependent Memory and Creating My Own Reality

When I describe myself I often mention that my mind is my best and toughest friend.

I love to be inspired, to assimilate new knowledge, to connect the dots – I am thriving when my inner universe expands!

I am fascinated with life, how it works and how I can be a conscious (and joyful!) co-creator of my experience here on planet earth. Some days I feel like I have figured it all out and some days I have the impression that I am missing the most important piece of information.

My mind, as my toughest friend, tends to get stuck in loops of worry and, interestingly, in these not so pleasant states of being I don’t remember well what I know about life – I am in survival mode.

I learnt from Dr. Carol and Dr. Bill, authors of The Worry-Free Mind (this book is so good, I cannot recommend it enough!), that this is called state dependent memory. What we learn in one state can be retrieved if we enter the same state again.

So, no wonder that in a state of worry and anxiety I can’t rely on what I learned while I was relaxed, fascinated and thriving!

I know my thoughts and feelings create my reality. I know, too, that I can create the thoughts and feelings of my desired future by mentally rehearsing them (which is practicing them within me) right here, right now.

Through this process, I had created some pretty remarkable experiences. Still, I wondered, why was it so hard for me to really get it consistently? What was I missing?


A Precious Friendship that Helped Connect the Dots

In the first months of last year, I met a remarkable woman: Tiffani Churchill. We quickly got into the deep conversations I so love.

She had such simple yet such powerful words to describe her thoughts and knowledge about the mechanics of life – and her anecdotes and examples of what she (or others she knew or had worked with) created in their lives were incredibly inspiring, some of them mind-blowing.

We became close friends and I continued to thrive in our conversations and to more and more connect the dots about how I can be an even more conscious creator of my experiences.

About half a year later, she agreed to create an online course for our MindGourmet Academy. (Do I need to mention that I was so happy?)


The Path to Everything

This masterpiece of an online course is called The Path to Everything – BE the Receiver of All that You Desire.

Today, this course is open for enrollment. I am so delighted to offer to you what I had the privilege to experience: learning from Tiffani.

So, what’s waiting for you? Here’s how Tiffani describes it in her own words:

You have the potential for wealth, success, love, joy, or anything you desire.

The only reason these have not been expressed in your life is because you have not identified yourself with them.

There is nothing you need to change or become. You only need to connect and believe in that which you already are.

The Path to Everything begins and ends within you.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.You will only bring into your life that which is equal to who you believe yourself to be.

The Path to Everything is a 6-week program that will guide you through identifying who you will be upon the realization of your desires.

You will then learn to disassociate with the limiting concepts about yourself and enter into a greater state of being.

By making your body and mind believe that this new way of being is not an idea, but a fact, it will accordingly change to match the power within that you have designed and awakened.

Your life will transform to reflect the greatness that you have realized.


What’s Inside

Every week, you’ll have a lecture, a practice video and a worksheet to focus on. Tiffani’s explanations are very clear and understandable, empowering and encouraging.

These are the themes for the six weeks:

  • A Reflection of You
  • Focused Mind – Elevated Heart
  • Believe It to Be
  • Dedicated to a New Future
  • Shadows of The Past
  • A Higher State of Being

One core element of the course is the morning meditation accompanying The Path to Everything. It is a powerful, 20-minute guided experience.

Through the meditation, Tiffani teaches you how to connect with your heart and the energy of gratitude. This connection helps propel you forward to aligning your thoughts and feelings, and envision your day to come.

Starting each day with this meditation helped put me into the right frame of mind to both rehearse and receive all I was learning. This meditation is thecatalyst for transforming your learning into a powerful experience.


How about starting your own journey on The Path to Everything? I can’t recommend it enough…if you couldn’t tell!

But just in case you need a bit more of a nudge, here are what others are saying about The Path to Everything:

“Financially I made a good living before, but since starting on Tiffani’s program I am seeing my financial situation dramatically change. Before I hoped and hoped for more money to come my way and I put in the long hours trying to make that materialize. Now Tiffani has taught me how to mentally rehearse my financial success and believe that it will come, and now I see opportunities coming to me all the time.” — Michael

“Tiffani’s work is life changing. There is no other way to say it. Everyone should go through her program.” — Rob

“Truly life changing! I felt like no matter how hard I worked or what I did, I was always getting the same result. Tiffani’s program shifted my effort to what she calls the “internal work.” I am amazed at how much my life has changed. Outwardly, my business has drastically improved and my relationship with my spouse and children has never been better. Best of all are the inner changes. I am overall happier, less stressed, and am excited about each day.” — Steven

“Tiffani’s work is inspiring, profound, and transformational.” — Rachel

“I survived a ‘train wreck’ because of Tiffani’s inspiration, devotion and genuine love for people. She gets inside your heart and guides you towards getting inside your own head so that you realize that it’s truly a ‘mind over matter’ phenomenon.” — Mike


Ready to get started on your Path to Everything? Learn more today.


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