How’s your 2018 feeling so far?

Hi everyone!


We’re already two weeks into the new year – how are you doing?

Often, a few weeks after the shift into the next round of 365 days, we feel the sobering sensation that the new year isn’t any different from the old one. Everybody, including ourselves, is still the same, and the promising prospect of getting the chance to create and experience our lives in a better way got lost on the horizon of what it felt like before.

This year, I’m trying something new.

I am focusing on how I want to feel instead of what I want to achieve. I’ve been taking some time to discover and tune into which feelings I want to feel more of in my 2018. This is what I came up with:
aware – connected – whole – worthy – free

Every morning I take a few minutes to really feel these feelings and to practice them. Then I ask myself: What can I do to feel these feelings as often as possible today, this week, this month, this year? This is such a profoundly different way to set resolutions!  Don’t we usually do it exactly the other way around? “If I earn that amount of money, I’ll feel safe; if I find my perfect partner, I’ll feel loved,” etc.

How about joining me? Implement the feelings that are the foundation of what you’d typically choose as your goals into your daily life.  Let’s see what happens together. I’m on this journey with you!

Be inspired,

P.S. Are you interested in reading more about my new approach to resolutions? Check out the fabulous Danielle LaPorte and her book The Desire Map.