My High-Vibe Choice List

When we follow our passions and highest excitement life flows with ease and grace. When we’re out of alignment with ourselves though, getting through the day can be quite a struggle!

One thing I often see in myself is that when I’m in a  low energy state, I either don’t remember the tools I have to lighten myself up or if I remember them, I don’t feel drawn towards them.

I realized as well that when I’m in a state of frustration, despair, etc. and I push myself to do something that can help raise my vibration even though I don’t like to, I almost always feel better afterward.

We can only think equal to our emotional state, so it’s essential to get into an elevated state to see a solution or stay connected to our vision.

To remind myself of the things that make me feel better, I’ve created the “My High-Vibe Choice List”:

  • Listen to something inspiring (podcast, audiobook, TED talk, music) while driving or coloring
  • Have a deep, inspiring conversation (venting is ok, complaining together is not)
  • Write to a prompt from a book, online course, podcast
  • Make a list of the things I’m grateful for or, if I can’t feel gratitude, what I could feel grateful for
  • Declutter something
  • Let somebody know how I appreciate them
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Watch my Mind Movie (
  • Record a voice message. If you don’t like to record it for somebody record it for yourself (There’s no need to listen to it afterward, you can delete it when you feel better)
  • Meditate
  • Cook or bake something
  • Read / work/ listen to something inspiring away from home, for example in a café
  • Do a digital detox, at least for some hours. A day is better!
  • Speak to myself in the mirror

Because I hate having to do one certain thing I like having a choice list!
How about creating a High-Vibe Choice List for you?
If you like, let me know what your choices are!

Much love!

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