Finding the answers within

For as long as I am able to recall memories I’ve had this feeling that there’s something painfully wrong with me. Because I was a very introverted, shy and anxious child my parents took me to many (at least it felt like many) people who were potentially able to provide help: healers, mediums, kinesiologists, naturopaths…

No one was really able to relieve me long-term from my fears and heaviness. Somewhere along the way I created the firm belief that nobody was able to help me.

Once I’ve been able to make my own decisions I continued the quest for help on my own. I became a relentless seeker, saw all kinds of wise people, read many, many self-help books, attended seminars and online courses, listened to countless podcasts… And until today I carry this belief that nobody can help me, which to my frustration reliably manifests in my world.

What if it’s really true that all answers lie within? What if I finally step up and trust that I can be my own solution?

I believe we’re all divine and we’re all one. This logically means it must be possible to find all answers within.

It is many times that I’ve tuned in and listened within – and I learned that I get answers according the vibrational state I’m in. In order to access the answers I believe I need to be in the vibration of the solution, not the problem. And I need to trust and know that I carry everything I need within me.

And so, overlooking the incredibly beautiful Italian Riviera here in Alassio, I commit yet again to allow myself to be my solution, my guide, my source of healing and insight.

Where ever you are and whatever your day looks like when you read this I encourage you to take the leap with me and give yourself and your inherent wisdom – again and again – the chance to be your ally, your best friend, your solution, and your joy.

Much love,

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