An evening with Courtney Carver

Recently I wrote an article about Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver. When I did my research about her newly released book I saw that she’s currently on her book tour and coming to San Diego.

So, last Monday, I was part of her audience and very much enjoyed to be taken on a journey through her book! Courtney has a quiet yet powerful and entertaining way of speaking and the time went by on the fly. I like the idea of making space for the things that really matter in my life by letting go of what doesn’t serve me, and I especially like Courtney’s approach to do that from the inside out – to think about myself and my priorities first and to then see what I can remove from my life. Especially when it comes to “decluttering” time I see that I have a hard time letting go of relationships or obligations that maybe don’t serve me that much but give me a sense of being accepted by fulfilling others’ expectations.

One more thing stuck with me. Courtney mentioned that she’s an introvert and she’s learned to balance her “out in the world and socializing” time with the right amount of recharging me-time. This encourages me as an introvert and somebody whose vision of the future includes being an author and lecturer a lot!

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