Embodying My Future Self – A Week in Berlin with Dr. Joe Dispenza

1.200 people spending a week together; meditating, overcoming their limited selves, and embodying their vision for the future

I just came home from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weeklong retreat in Berlin, and am still buzzing with the energy of transformation, wholeness, connectedness, and love.

Was it seven days of uninterrupted bliss?

Decidedly not.

Coming up against my limitations felt daunting at times. I had to face my self-sabotaging beliefs over and over again, and to acknowledge them as changeable neural networks in my brain (instead of seeing them as the truth about myself and life.)

Embodying new thoughts and emotions is a matter of practice, intention, awareness, and surrender – and accepting that our reality, as convincingly real as it may seem, is just our perception of life and ourselves. It can be changed at any time. It’s scientifically proven even though my limited self likes to argue that I might be the miserable exception regarding the capacity to change.


Who do I want to be?

Who do I want to be?

How do I want to feel?

What do I want to experience?

Asking ourselves these questions, and answering them, is one side of the coin when it comes to conscious creation. It’s about embodying our future self, to feel like it, behave like it, live in its vibrational state right here right now – even though physical evidence is not yet visible.


On the other side is awareness.

Awareness of the old self with all the many programs we used to run in the past and that so easily find their way back into our lives as soon as we get stressed, distracted or back into our previous environment (places and people.)

On average, we think about 60.000 thoughts per day. Most of them are the same thoughts we thought yesterday. And the days and days before. Over 90% per day we run programs, patterns of thinking and behaving, that are on auto-pilot. Many of them are useful like being able to drive a car without having to think how to do it. Many of them, though, keep us in a loop, repeating our past over and over again.

For me, some of these programs are: playing out unfriendly thought patterns of unworthiness and being refused, avoiding actions that most likely lead to success, and getting sucked into distraction provided by social media, my open email inbox and my phone.

Coming back from Berlin, I have a heightened sense of awareness of who I want to be and what my old conditioning is. This gives me the possibility to make different choices for a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.


Choosing the vision for the future over the memories of the past

As soon as we act from inside a program we copy and paste our past into our present moment and thus into our future – it’s like going into our future by repeating our past. This is why awareness is so important. When we’re fully aware we’re in the present moment, here and now, the sweet spot of eternity.

How can we embody our future self right here, right now? It’s by regulating our internal states and changing our vibration to who we want to be.

Dr. Joe is an excellent lecturer and very, very skilled meditation guide.

If you ever thought, meditation is just sitting with yourself in silence then you tasted just one slice of the cake. Dr. Joe teaches very different meditations during which you are sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

If you want to know more about his scientific findings, I highly recommend you his books Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, You Are the Placebo, and Becoming Supernatural. If you want to experience his meditations, go here.

Few things though are more life-changing (for me) than attending his events – and to share the experience with others. Some of them become friends for life.


Being In This Together

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that I got to experience this transformative week together with Ralf. As photographer, he joined the AV team and just loved the experience. If you’re interested in seeing some pictures, here they are!


Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation 2 and the Students

Coherence Healing


The last day



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