Dream. Rest. Restore.

I know, sometimes it almost feels outrageous, often inappropriate and often impossible:

How can we allow ourselves to dream, rest and restore when life is so demanding? Aren’t these kind of things for the rare moments of a slow weekend or a vacation?

I used to postpone and postpone my needs for rest, listening within, creative expression and simply peacefully being with myself.

Procrastination is rarely used in connection to taking care of our essential needs.
Maybe because those times of just being aren’t usually seen as times of productivity.

It may seem very counter-intuitive: dreaming, resting and restoring aren’t only pleasant, they are absolutely essential. And, yes, they make us more productive.

Let’s not procrastinate when it comes to fulfilling our need for timelessness and simply being.

We often think that we don’t have time for “this stuff”. Of course, we have to pay our bills, meet deadlines, and care for our loved ones.

Yet, at the end, no one benefits from a completely stressed out, reactive and exhausted you or me.

So here comes my little reminder for both of us: Let’s give dreaming, resting and restoring more priority in our lives.

Life just gets so much better and we have so much more to give!

Much love,

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