Erin Stutland

Movement In Your Body Creates Movement In Your Life!

by Nina from MindGourmet


Go On A Soul Stroll!

“Movement in your body creates movement in your life” is one of Erin’s central principles. You plug in one of Erin’s Soul Strolls, and off you go! What is a Soul Stroll? It’s a well-chosen playlist (about 30 minutes long) of energizing music combined with mantras spoken by Erin and repeated by you (either out loud or internally). You engage so much in your new mindset that you almost don’t realize how fast the time of your run, bike ride, hike, … goes by! And, hey, those Soul Strolls actually work magic!

 “It’s All About Doing Your Best Because Your Best Is Good Enough. And Every Time You Commit To Doing Your Best Your Best Gets Better.”

Erin’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. Her attitude is empowering and the mantras go hand in hand with the music. She encourages you to take your life into your hands and assume responsibility for it by doing your best – whatever that may be at that very moment.

Want More Mind-Body Fitness? Try Erin’s “Shrink Session” Workout!

Erin’s signature workout “Shrink Session” helps you create a lean body as you rebuild and recover a deeper emotional and spiritual connection with yourself. Combining principles from dance, HIIT, toning, yoga, and meditation, Erin helps you cleanse stuck energy, transform negative thinking into possibility and tap into strength and confidence like never before.

The “Shrink Session” workout program contains four 45-minute heart-pumping Shrink Session workouts dedicated to the concepts of Intention, Belief, Inspired Action and Allowing. These sessions, according to Erin “will do more than reshape your butt, thighs, and abs while building core strength – they’ll uplift your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your ability to achieve your dreams.” The program also includes three 25-minute “Toned in 20” workouts, four Slow Jam Breakdown videos, nine 5-minute “Feel Good in Five” Workouts, four guided audio meditations, worksheets and mantras and great community support through the members-only Facebook group. You can either follow one of her calendars to keep yourself on track and inspired or tune into yourself and follow your own intuition for your workout.

Magical Manifesters – Less Hustle, More Flow

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to get everything you want. Magical Manifesters is Erin’s 4-week online course that supports you in knowing and getting what you desire for yourself. It makes you gain the courage to look your dreams in the face and say, “Hell yes. I want you!” And then you’ll learn to make a plan for those dreams that lines up with your sensibilities and preferences.

Altar’d (On Z Living)

Erin Stutland and Chris Marhefka are the co-hosts and coaches of the weight-loss transformation TV show “Altar’d” on Z Living. Altar’d follows couples who are looking to not only transform their bodies but more importantly adopt healthy lifestyles and habits before they come together for the most important day of their lives, their wedding.


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Published May 1st, 2017