Introspection Time: The Bigger Picture Lives Inside

For me, introspection time is super-important. It keeps me grounded, focused and connected to my inner guidance. The last weeks have been very “outro-spective” for me. I worked a lot, chased my to-do lists and often felt I didn’t have the time or the will to be still. I had prioritized trying to cut trees with an increasingly blunt saw instead of sitting down and sharpening my tool – do you get what I mean?

Besides from busy-ness, I realized sad feelings and resistance were sneaking in more and more, now that the time of returning to Germany approaches.

Interestingly, when I get out of alignment, I tend to do less of what does me well, for instance, meditation, me-time, automated writing, walking in nature.

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine took me to the meditation gardens in Encinitas, Southern California, a paradise place on the bluffs right above the ocean, full of peace and beauty. Equipped with our notebooks and pens, we sat down and listened inside. Pages and pages were filled – and there it was again, this familiar feeling of being one with myself, and having all the answers inside.

Did I get my to-do list done? No.

I got to see the bigger picture though. I found the stillness and presence beneath the waves of every-day tasks and activities, worries and concerns.

Among all the things I wrote down, there might be some pretty amazing ideas to pursue! For sure, I tapped into helpful guidance for myself and my current situation – and had an amazing friends’ day!

I’m so grateful for the life I get to live!

It’s truly about being. From there, we can go do things and have things.
Nope, it doesn’t work the other way round. At least not for me.

Speaking of gratitude:
Last year, I had an incredibly creative and beautiful time with composer and producer Barry Goldstein. Together, we “birthed” a meditation called
Grateful – A Meditational Journey Into Gratitude

You can listen into it and get it here!


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